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ZOOM Boekinterviews OSK-secties

April 8, 2021/by Chantal

Summer school RUG – The Knowledge of the Curator III: Curating Art and Nature

April 6, 2021/by Chantal

OSK PhD presentations: Section Modern and Contemporary Art

April 1, 2021/by Chantal

Vacancy at University of Groningen: Assistant Professor in History of Art, Architecture, and Landscape (1.0 FTE)

April 1, 2021/by Chantal

Lezing: Sporen van de pest in kunst en samenleving

April 1, 2021/by Chantal

Vacancies: VIDI Project The Female Impact (University of Amsterdam)

March 25, 2021/by Chantal

Oproep: Scriptieprijs Werkgroep 18e Eeuw

March 25, 2021/by Chantal

OSK/Stedelijk Museum/RKD visiting fellow in Modern and Contemporary Art

March 19, 2021/by Chantal

Nieuwe RKD Study Dulwich Picture Gallery I & II

March 18, 2021/by Chantal

Virtuele rondetafel – Oude kunst nu: stand van zaken

March 18, 2021/by Chantal

LUCAS Conference Bodies Matter 2021

March 16, 2021/by Chantal

Webinar at University of Groningen: Dr. Leena Crasemann, University of Hamburg

March 16, 2021/by Chantal

Webinar at University of Groningen: Prof. Dr. Dan Hicks, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

March 15, 2021/by Chantal

Webinar at University of Groningen: Dr. Timothy Brittain-Catlin, University of Cambridge

March 15, 2021/by Chantal

NIKI Summer course: Leonardo da Vinci. The Tension between Theory & Practice

March 8, 2021/by Chantal

Online symposium: The Skin of Things II

March 8, 2021/by Chantal

ESNA Talks: online presentaties over negentiende-eeuwse kunst

March 8, 2021/by Chantal

Studiedag Historisch Interieur & Design 2021 (ThIS – UGent)

March 8, 2021/by Chantal

Interiors for Display: Universiteit Leiden/Rijksmuseum

February 23, 2021/by Chantal

CfP: Nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek vol. 72 (2022)

February 22, 2021/by Chantal

Webinar Interieurplatform: ‘Wat hebben we in huis?’

February 15, 2021/by Chantal

Freek Schmidt benoemd tot hoogleraar geschiedenis van de architectuur en de leefomgeving

February 15, 2021/by Chantal

From Print to Paint: Histories and Methods of Artistic Production

February 15, 2021/by Chantal

Webinar at University of Groningen: Dr. Ruben Suykerbuyk

January 26, 2021/by Chantal

Duurzaam Digitaal Erfgoed

January 18, 2021/by Chantal

Nieuw: RKD Masterclasses

January 12, 2021/by Chantal

Help mee de Brediusaantekeningen toegankelijk te maken!

January 7, 2021/by Chantal

Book launch: online presentation of ‘Rembrandt. Studies in his Varied Approaches to Italian Art’

January 4, 2021/by Chantal

Herinrichting RKD voltooid met expositie Aan het werk!

December 7, 2020/by Chantal

Aankondiging: leesclub ‘Art History & Global Modernism’

November 16, 2020/by Chantal

Nieuw onderzoeksplatform Van Gogh Worldwide gelanceerd

November 5, 2020/by Chantal

RKD start crowdsourcingproject voor Brediusaantekeningen

November 5, 2020/by Chantal

Sandra Kisters ontvangt belangrijkste kunsthistorische prijs

November 3, 2020/by Chantal

OSK/Van Gogh Museum Visiting Fellow in the History of 19th Century Art

October 29, 2020/by Chantal

VNK enquête: Onderhandelingspositie van auteurs van (kunst)historische publicaties

October 26, 2020/by Chantal

Webinars art history & visual material culture at University of Groningen

October 26, 2020/by Chantal

Postdoc in (Technical) Art History at Utrecht University

October 26, 2020/by Chantal

OSK Sectiedag 2020 Toegepaste kunst en historische interieurs

October 13, 2020/by Chantal

OSK Summer School Paris: Grotesque

October 5, 2020/by Chantal

OSK/NIKI Winter School in Florence

October 5, 2020/by Chantal

OSK Course | Materials & Materiality in Art History

September 8, 2020/by Chantal

Introductory meeting for OSK RMa students (cohort 2020-2021)

September 8, 2020/by Chantal

OSK PhD seminar Paradigms in the History of Art

September 1, 2020/by Chantal

OSK PhD seminar: The Architecture of the PhD Thesis

September 1, 2020/by Chantal

Educational Programme 2020 – 2021

July 28, 2020/by Chantal

OSK/RU course Materials & Techniques in Early Netherlandish Painting, with a special focus on Jheronimus Bosch

July 23, 2020/by Chantal

Promotie: Thijs Hagendijk – Universiteit Utrecht

July 16, 2020/by Chantal

Thinking in the Box The Benefits of Artistic Tradition in the Nineteenth Century

June 24, 2020/by Chantal

Call for Papers, Workshops, and Pecha Kucha: HNA Conference 2021

June 11, 2020/by Chantal

Call for Papers HNA 2021: Heraldic Imagination in the Netherlands, 1500-1800

June 11, 2020/by Chantal

Call for Sessions: HNA Conference 2021

June 11, 2020/by Chantal

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