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Summerschool: Dutch artists in Paris. From François I to the French Revolution
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1 t/m 5 Juli 2019

OSK ResMA Summer School 2018-2019


‘Dutch artists in Paris. From François I to the French Revolution’



Enrolment is possible until 30 November 2018


It is commonly known that Italian artists influenced Northern Europe from the Renaissance onwards. However, a recent exhibition in the Louvre illustrated once again that the contacts among Northern European artists were very important as well. More particularly the exhibition concentrated on the influence of artists from the Low Countries at the court of Fontainebleau in the age of François I. This will be our starting point to explore how in later periods Dutch art kept on playing a crucial role in France. Ultimately we will look at the French art historians from the eighteenth century and how their discussions of the Dutch Golden Age influenced art in their own time. Thus this course will look at the visual and decorative arts, as well as art theory and other writings on art.           


The course will be taught as an excursion with two preparatory classes. Furthermore, students will be required to give presentations during the seminar. They will also write an essay of approximately 3000-3500 words (incl. notes), to be handed in after the course (deadline: 1 August 2019).



Preparatory meetings in Leiden: Wednesday 15 May and Wednesday 5 June 2019, 13h-15h.

Stay in Paris: 1 July till 5 July 2019.


Taught by:

Prof. dr. Stijn P.M. Bussels (Leiden University)



Annelien Krul MA / drs. Paul Koopman (info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl)



Open to all ResMA students and PhD candidates Art and Architectural History, max. 12 participants. ResMa students have precedence over PhD candidates.



There is no course fee and housing in Paris is subsidized.


Not included: travel costs to and in Paris, food & drinks and museum entrances. You are advised to bring your ICOM-card (https://www.icomnederland.nl/lidmaatschap/individueel-lidmaatschap, €47,50 for students).




info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl. Provide a CV and short letter of motivation. Deadline: 30 November 2018.


The course has three main components:

1. Preparatory meetings in Leiden (15 May and 5 June 2019)

2. Summer school in Paris: 1 July till 5 July 2019

3. A paper (approx. 3000-3500 words, to be handed in after the course). Deadline: 1 August 2019.



Participation in the OSK ResMA Summer School is open to all students enrolled in a Research Master Program or PhD program at a Dutch University. The number of participants is limited to 12. ResMA students have precedence over PhD candidates. OSK students have precedence over students from another research school.


Deadline for application is 30 November 2018. Students will be informed about admittance no later than 12 December 2018. Students are expected to attend all seminars and lectures and read and analyze texts in advance.


Credits: 6 EC, to receive after delivering a successful paper and participation. Students have to check with their home university whether the transfer of credits for this course is accepted. OSK will provide a testimonial of work load, grade and EC.


Instruction language: English.




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