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OSK/Stedelijk Museum/RKD visiting fellow in Modern and Contemporary Art: Briony Fer
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Juni 2019



Stedelijk Museum / RKD / OSK Visiting Fellow in

Modern and Contemporary Art 2019


Professor Briony Fer:

A textile imaginary: weaving and the

modern project




In June 2019 RMA and PhD students in Art History and related fields will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Visiting Fellow in Modern and Contemporary Art seminar, sponsored by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD), the OSK, and the Universiteit van Amsterdam.




Professor Briony Fer

The 2018-2019 fellow is the art historian Briony Fer who has written extensively on modern and contemporary art. Her research interests have consistently moved between the history of the avant-gardes and the work of contemporary artists, including Gabriel Orozco, Roni Horn, David Batchelor and Tacita Dean. Her books include On Abstract Art (1997)and The Infinite Line(2004)and Eva Hesse: Studiowork (2009) and  Gabriel Orozco: thinking in circles (Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 2013).  Her most recent project has been to co-curate the Anni Albers retrospective at Tate Modern (2018). She is Professor of History of Art at University College London and a Fellow of the British Academy.


A textile imaginary: weaving and the modern project


The 2019 seminar will explore the significance of weaving and woven constructions for  the modern project. Focusing on the work of Anni Albers, we shall explore how textiles both embed and expand ideas about the grid that have been so central to the modernist paradigm. Questions about the haptic, about topology, about proto-typicality will be central to the discussion. We shall also consider a number of other artists and designers alongside Albers, all of whom work with woven constructions including Otti Berger and Clara Porset. Following the major retrospective of Anni Albers work that took place at K20 Dusseldorf and Tate  Modern London (2018-19), we shall take stock and try to forge new ground in thinking about the work of several key women artists and designers who have been marginalized in the canonic narratives of 20th century art.



Sunday, 2 June 2019:     Public lecture Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Monday, 3 June 2019:     10.00-13.00: seminar (University of Amsterdam)

Tuesday, 4 June 2019:    10.00-13.00: seminar (University of Amsterdam)

Wednesday, 5 June 2019: 10.00-13.00:         seminar (University of Amsterdam)

Afternoon:   Public lecture Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD), The Hague



Furthermore, two preparatory meetings (2-3 hours) will take place in the first half of May. Students will be supplied with a list of readings in advance. These will introduce the material and issues of the seminar and are required, whether you are taking the seminar for credits or not (see below). Dates and time to be announced.


The Visiting Fellow seminar can be followed as a 6 EC tutorial (limited to 8 students). The number of places for non-UvA RMA OSK students who wish to follow the course for credits is limited. On the basis of the readings supplied, tutorial students will be expected to develop a research question and proposal, plus a bibliography on their chosen topic for a 4,000-5,000 word paper (exact length will be specified during the course), on which their grade will be based.

(R)MA and PhD Auditors from the UvA or other Dutch universities are, however, also welcome.


Whether you are taking the course for credits or as an auditor, send a CV and brief letter of motivation to Dr. Gregor Langfeld g.m.langfeld@uva.nl until 10 January 2019. Indicate if you would like to follow the seminar as an auditor or as a 6 EC tutorial (limited to 8 students).



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