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OSK / Stedelijk Museum / RKD Visiting Fellow in Modern and Contemporary Art seminar: Claire Bishop (DL: 12/10/2015)
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1 Januari 2016

Stedelijk Museum/RKD/OSK Visiting Fellow in Modern and Contemporary Art – January 2016 (DL: 12/10/2015)


Claire Bishop is Professor of Art at the Graduate Center of CUNY. Prior to her appointment in 2008 she taught at Warwick University (UK) and the Royal College of Art, London. Known for her work on social practice, curatorial issues and her participation in the Van Abbemuseum’s “Former West” project, her current research addresses the impact of digital technologies on contemporary art, as well as questions of amateurism and 'de-skilling' in contemporary dance and performance art.

Bishop is editor of the highly regarded volumes Participation (2006) and Installation Art: A Critical History (2005). Her essay “Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics,” which appeared in October in 2004, remains an influential critique of relational aesthetics. Her books have been translated into nearly twenty languages, and she is a regular contributor to Artforum. See more at: http://www.gc.cuny.edu/Page-Elements/Academics-Research-Centers-Initiatives/Doctoral-Programs/Art-History/Faculty-Bios/Claire-Bishop#sthash.FJh7vGne.dpuf and http://clairebishopresearch.blogspot.nl









       mw. dr. S.Y. Berrebi

       dr. G.M. Langfeld

       mw. prof. dr. C.M.K.E. Lerm-Hayes


mw. prof. dr. C.M.K.E. Lerm-Hayes


The aim of Stedelijk Museum / RKD Visiting Fellow in Modern and Contemporary Art seminar is to provide Masters' students with the opportunity to study a single yet wide-ranging subject in 20th and/or 21st century art through an intensive one-week workshop taught by a leading scholar in the field and supported by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD). The seminar will introduce students to important issues in the study of 20th and/or 21st century art and provide an impulse for further research. Its aim is to encourage interest in various aspects of the discipline, and to provide students not only with factual information, but more importantly with new methodological and theoretical perspectives on this important period in the history of art.


An application for admission (CV and letter of motivation) is required before October 12. The number of places for non-UvA RMA OSK students who wish to follow the course for credits is limited.

Contact: Prof.Dr. Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, c.m.lermhayes@uva.nl, for more information .


To be announced. The seminar is generally held on three days during one week in January, furthermore there will be two public lectures at the Stedelijk Museum and the RKD.

Study material

Students will be supplied with the themes of the sessions and a list of readings in advance. These will introduce the material and issues of the seminar and are required, whether you are taking the seminar for credit or not (see below).


None or minimal.

Number of participants

As part of the UvA Research Master, MA Museumconservator and regular MA programs, the Visiting Fellow seminar can be followed as a 6 EC tutorial (limited to 8 students). Auditors from the UvA or other Dutch universities are, however, also welcome. The number of places for non-UvA RMA OSK students who wish to follow the course for credits is limited.


On the basis of the readings supplied, students will be expected to develop a research question and proposal, plus a bibliography on their chosen topic for a around 3000-4000 word paper (exact length will be specified during the course), on which their grade will be based. These students will meet with the supervising docent in advance of the seminar to discuss their proposed project (location and time to be announced). Before the start and after the end of the seminar, students will then be expected to work on their projects independently. Auditors are also welcome.


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