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Beyond the White Cube: Exhibition Histories and Contemporary Practices
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26 Oktober t/m 16 November 2012
OSK secretary

5 EC course (October/November, 2012)


Location: Brussels, Eindhoven, Amsterdam & Antwerp


Open to Research Masters students and PhD candidates (15-20 max.)


Selection based on short letter of motivation (with research interests) and resumé, to be sent to OSK. Deadline: September 1st. Please send to: info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl


Description: What can we learn about contemporary art through histories of display and theories of exhibitions? What strategies are curators currently adopting or challenging within and outside traditional gallery and museum spaces? What demands do artists themselves make on the structure of exhibitions and what initiatives have they undertaken to influence the trajectory of display practices? Does study of the history of exhibitions entail a re-reading of art history and, if so, how and with what effect? By studying specific exhibitions, artists’ initiatives, and curatorial practices in the context of an increasingly global art world, this course will examine ways in which art is mediated to its audiences. The course will bring together art historians and curators to discuss and elaborate on these issues from a variety of practical and theoretical perspectives. Students will be expected to read a set of texts in preparation for each session and to complete a written assignment.


Dates: Fridays 14.00–17.00 (26th Oct/2nd Nov/9th Nov/16th Nov), 2 – 5 p.m. Students arrange their own transport to the locations.


Assessment: critical reading of texts, preparation of discussion points, written assignment of 3500-4000 words (for 5 EC, possibility to expand)


Coordination: dr. Sandra Kisters (UU), dr. Linda Boersma (UU), Martijn van Beek MA (OSK)




Oct. 26, 2012 - Wiels, Brussels: Elena Filipovic and Fieke Konijn (VU)

"Exhibition histories and contemporary curatorial practices"


Nov. 2, 2012 - Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven: Christiane Berndes & Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari and Patrick van Rossem (UU)

"Difference and stratification: audiences reconsidered"


Nov. 9, 2012 - Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam: Margriet Schavemaker and Rachel Esner (UvA)    

"Staging and reenacting exhibition history"

Nov. 16, 2012 - MuHKA, Antwerp: Bart de Baere and Nathalie Zonnenberg (VU)

"White cubes, black boxes and other exhibition spaces"

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