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ASAP Amsterdam symposium “As slowly as possible”
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24 t/m 26 Mei 2018

Amsterdam, 24. - 26.05.2018


ASAP/Amsterdam: As Slowly As Possible - A Symposium of the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present


The 2018 international Association of the Study of the Arts of the Present symposium will be hosted by the CLUE+ Interfaculty Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and dedicated to exploring notions of slowness.


Contemporary ideas of slowness, as introduced by such movements of the 1980s including Carlo Petrini’s “slow food” and other projects, have gained increasing relevance in our ever-accelerating present. Far from denoting merely a claim to slow down, slowness encourages us to address the complexities of contemporary production and reception processes with a heightened sensibility to multi-layered interrelations from the economic to the ecological. The relational nature of speed can serve as a fruitful metaphor for the complex interrelations of spatial/geographical and temporal/historical orders, as well as aesthetic and political discourses. Its relationality encourages us to question other binary notions of hot versus cold media, digital versus analogue, culture versus nature, local versus global, as well as any categorization of the arts according to disciplines, genres, or media.


Keynote speakers and performances: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ernst, Prof. Dr. Mieke Bal, Dr. Maria Fusco, and Dr. Jeremiah Day.


With 50 presentations by international speakers on panels devoted to topics such as slow futures, long durée, post-colonial temporalities, slow modernism, media dispositives, the Anthropocene, processual archives, slow materialism.


Final event at theater Perdu with round table discussion and intervention by the Slow Research Lab.


Option to join guided tours at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, FOAM Museum of Photography, or a tour of Amsterdam’s counter-cultural roots on Sunday morning.


Registration is possible for the whole symposium, for individual keynotes,  the performance evening, and the final event at Perdu. For registration and further information, including the full conference program, see http://www.asapamsterdam.nl


All events will take place on the campus of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam), except for Saturday afternoon, when we will be hosted by Perdu (Kloveniersburgwal 86, 1012 CZ Amsterdam).

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