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Lecture by Elizabeth Honig, 'From Parlor to Prison: Place-Making in Tudor England' (Utrecht)
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1 December 2017

The UU’s Department of History and Art History

presents a lecture by


Elizabeth Honig

(Professor of European Art, 1400-1700,

University of California at Berkeley)


From Parlor to Prison:

Place-Making in Tudor England



December 1, 2018, 15:30-17:00, followed by drinks.

Van Ravensteijnzaal, Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, Utrecht.


NB places are limited. Please confirm your participation with m.a.weststeijn@uu.nl



Elizabeth Honig joined the UU Art History group this Fall (until January 2018) . Her activities include  teaching a BA course Vermeer and Dutch Painting. She wrote her dissertation on Flemish market scenes and the history of economic thought. She lived in Amsterdam for many years, where she could listen to English radio while studying the art of Belgium. A brief period of museum work there ended in complete disaster, and since then she has been back in America teaching art history. In 1996 she abandoned the Atlantic seaboard and came to Berkeley, where she began working on the art of Jan Brueghel, son of the more famous Pieter. Through Brueghel she has become interested in issues of copying, originality, artistic collaboration, and historical techniques of painting; narrative, scale, style, and the notion of the Baroque. 

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