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Conference 'Histories of Healthy Ageing' (Groningen)
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21 t/m 23 Juni 2017
International conference, University of Groningen, 21–23 June 2017
As Western populations grow increasingly older, healthy ageing is presented as one of today's greatest medical and societal challenges. However, contrary to what many policy makers want us to believe, the aspiration to live long, healthy and happy lives is not a problem specific to our times. On the contrary, successful ageing has a long history. The conference Histories of Healthy Ageing questions concepts and (medical) practices related to health, happiness and longevity.

A number of speakers at the conference, such as Robert Zwijnenberg (Leiden), Katerina Georgoulia (York) and Leo Delfgaauw (Groningen) focus specifically on health in art.

During the conference the exhibition Gelukkig Gezond! Histories of Healthy Ageing – on the history of the six Hippocratic non-naturals – officially opens at the Groningen University Museum.

Keynote speakers on the 6 non-naturals of health management and disease prevention:

- Rina Knoeff (Groningen) on Airs, Waters & Places
- Elizabeth Williams (Oklahoma) on Food & Drink
- Onno van Nijf (Groningen) on Exercise & Rest
- William MacLehose (UC London) on Sleeping & Waking
- Michael Stolberg (Würzburg) on Retention & Excretion
- Irina Metzler (Swansea) on Passions of the Mind

Thanks to generous funding, the registration costs for PhD and MA students has been reduced to merely €50 for attendance to the 3-day conference, drinks, lunches, and exhibition party.

For more information, please visit: historiesofhealthyageing.nl
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